Haversham’s Hot Fork Buffet

prices start at £15 per person

Beef bourguignon

Free-range chicken, with a oyster mushroom and wholegrain mustard sauce

Lamb tagine with fresh mint

Braised beef and black sheep ale pie

Pork and Cumin pie

Chicken Korma

Beef Madras

Seafood pie

Smoked haddock mornay with a parmesan and crab crust

Tiger prawn and Monkfish red Thai curry

Banana and squash korma (v)

Roast portabella mushroom, ricotta and spinach lasagne (v)

Sweet potato, red pepper and coriander red Thai curry (v)

Slow roasted Wild mushrooms in a red wine sauce with chive and cheddar Potato cakes (v)

Cajun grilled halloumi with a medley of roasted vegetables (v)

Accompaniments (Please choose 2)

Roasted charlotte potatoes with garlic and thyme

Roasted root vegetables

A selection of seasonal salads

Medley of vegetable couscous

Saffron and sultana rice

Duck Fat and Roasemary Roasted Potatoes

Pilau rice.